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07-07-24 (02:20)   Alex Cross Series Adaptation Gets Prime Video Release Date — Watch Trailer (TVLine)
02-07-24 (10:24)   Haugesund's New Nordic Films Market to Open With 'Way Home,' From 'The Bridge' Director Charlotte Sieling (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
21-06-24 (01:20)   J.Lo's Atlas Bests Dune: Part Two in New Nielsen Streaming Ranking; Bridgerton Again Dominates (TVLine)
18-06-24 (22:56)   VP Harris pushes 'care infrastructure' as 'the bridge to building a business' (Fox Business)
14-06-24 (19:03)   'Under The Bridge': Riley Keough Explains Why She Was "A Little Bit Apprehensive" About True-Crime Series (Deadline.com)
13-06-24 (21:04)   Hulu's 'Under the Bridge' Tells the Story of Reena Virk — and The Notorious B.I.G. (Hollywood Reporter)
13-06-24 (19:10)   How 'Under the Bridge's World Building Holds Key to Lily Gladstone's Cam's Past  (Variety)
13-06-24 (18:41)   Riley Keough on Making Sure 'Under the Bridge' Wasn't Exploitative: 'I'm Trying to Be Thoughtful' (Variety)
11-06-24 (01:10)   Diane Kruger, Jo Joyner Set to Lead Psychological Thriller 'Little Disasters' at Paramount+ (Variety)
11-06-24 (01:03)   Diane Kruger & Jo Joyner To Lead Paramount+ Drama 'Little Disasters' From 'Big Boys' Producer Roughcut & Fremantle (Deadline.com)
09-06-24 (19:41)   'Longing' Review: Richard Gere Flounders as a Businessman Who Discovers He Fathered a Son 19 Years Ago (Variety)
07-06-24 (18:41)   Lily Gladstone Had Three Requirements Before Agreeing to Play an Indigenous Woman Cop in 'Under the Bridge': 'It's Almost the Only Role We Get to See'  (Variety)
06-06-24 (22:17)   It Starts On The Page: Read 'Under The Bridge' Finale Script "Mercy Alone" By Samir Mehta (Deadline.com)
06-06-24 (14:14)   Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes Explained How The Shows Use Fire And Sparks On The Bridge Sets Without Burning Everything Down (Cinemabled)
05-06-24 (19:29)   How Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough's Instagram Friendship Led to 'Under the Bridge' (TheWrap.com)
05-06-24 (19:13)   Every Episode of 'Under the Bridge,' Ranked (Collider)
05-06-24 (18:04)   'Longing' Review: Richard Gere and Diane Kruger Can't Find the Pulse in Inert Remake of Israeli Grief Drama (Hollywood Reporter)
04-06-24 (17:21)   Lily Gladstone Explains What Makes Her 'Under the Bridge' Co-Star Riley Keough's Work So Singular (IndieWire)
04-06-24 (17:07)   Riley Keough Leans Into Complexities on 'Under the Bridge': 'When You're a Storyteller, There's So Much Empathy' (IndieWire)
03-06-24 (15:55)   Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger's Daughter: Everything They've Said About Nova (People.com)
01-06-24 (16:46)   GreedFall 2: History and Lore of the Bridge Alliance Explained (Game Rant)
31-05-24 (23:03)   Pretty Little Liars' Key Suspect Speaks: Is [Spoiler] Behind Bloody Rose? (TVLine)
31-05-24 (01:13)   'Under the Bridge' Ending Explained - What Really Happened? (Collider)
30-05-24 (00:24)   'Under the Bridge' EPs Unpack the Finale and Critique the True Crime Genre: 'We Did Not Want to Make Copaganda' (Variety)
29-05-24 (21:18)   Riley Keough on Bringing Humanity to the Tragic Story in 'Under the Bridge' Finale (Hollywood Reporter)
29-05-24 (18:09)   Under the Bridge Ending Explained (Den of Geek)
29-05-24 (17:38)   The 'Under the Bridge' Finale Shared Even More Wild True Story Details (IndieWire)
29-05-24 (14:42)   Riley Keough on Her 'Under the Bridge' Intimate Moment with Lily Gladstone (Collider)
29-05-24 (13:24)   Riley Keough Dances in Black Bodysuit in Celebratory 35th Birthday Post with Under the Bridge Cast (People.com)
29-05-24 (07:14)   'Under the Bridge' Star Breaks Down Reena's 'Really Heavy' Beating Scene (TheWrap.com)
26-05-24 (14:59)   'Under the Bridge's Scene-Stealing Performance Is Not Who You Think It Is (Collider)
24-05-24 (13:13)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.08 - Mercy Alone (Season Finale) - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
21-05-24 (20:14)   'The Shrouds' Star Diane Kruger Says European Cinema Saved Her Career | Video (TheWrap.com)
21-05-24 (10:58)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.07 - Three and Seven - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
21-05-24 (00:04)   'The Shrouds' Review: Vincent Cassel and Diane Kruger Star in David Cronenberg's Sincere but Undercooked Sci-Fi Drama (Hollywood Reporter)
20-05-24 (23:55)   'The Shrouds' Review: David Cronenberg Makes a Movie About Grief — and Body Horror, and Digital Gravestones — That in Its Somber Way Verges on Self-Parody (Variety)
19-05-24 (19:32)   Diane Kruger Supports Female Filmmakers Organization 'Breaking Through The Lens' At Cannes: "More Than Ever, It's A Time To Hear Female Voices" (Deadline.com)
19-05-24 (16:03)   Diane Kruger On David Cronenberg's Personal Grief That Informed 'The Shrouds': "He Was Reliving A Little Bit Of His Life Every Time I Came On Screen" (Deadline.com)
18-05-24 (07:33)   Diane Kruger on David Cronenberg's Cannes Film 'The Shrouds': "It Made Me Think About My Mortality" (Hollywood Reporter)
17-05-24 (23:13)   Matthew Lillard Reunites With an Old Friend to Celebrate Five Nights at Freddys 2s Release Date (Collider)
17-05-24 (21:12)   Five Nights at Freddy's star Matthew Lillard shares incredible behind-the-scenes photo paying respect to one of his best roles from 20 years ago (GamesRadar)
16-05-24 (02:14)   'Under the Bridge': Dusty Actor Breaks Down That Devastating Train Scene in Episode 6 (TheWrap.com)
15-05-24 (12:47)   Uni's Donna Langley Headlines Kering's Women in Motion Talks, Diane Kruger Booked for Breaking Through the Lens Chat and More Cannes Briefs (Hollywood Reporter)
15-05-24 (10:46)   'Under the Bridge' Episode 6 Offers A Glimmer Of Justice (Ready Steady Cut)
14-05-24 (23:42)   Richard Gere & Diane Kruger in Mysterious 'Longing' Remake Trailer (FirstShowing.net)
14-05-24 (21:41)   Richard Gere and Diane Kruger Star in Suspenseful Trailer for the Twisty Drama Longing (Exclusive) (People.com)
14-05-24 (20:07)   'Longing' Trailer: Richard Gere Realizes He's a Father After Learning a Shocking Secret (IndieWire)
14-05-24 (18:14)   Diane Kruger Says David Cronenberg's 'The Shrouds' Is a 'Desperate, Emotional Cry' (TheWrap.com)
14-05-24 (15:14)   Diane Kruger, Judith Godrèche Join TheWrap Live Conversations at the Cannes Film Festival (TheWrap.com)
13-05-24 (23:24)   Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus' Relationship Timeline (People.com)
13-05-24 (18:51)   Vincent Cassel and Diane Kruger contemplate seduction and death in David Cronenberg's The Shrouds teaser trailer (JoBlo.com)
12-05-24 (01:13)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.06 - In Water they Sink the Same - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
11-05-24 (12:24)   Diane Kruger Reveals Stunning Mother's Day Bouquet from Norman Reedus: 'Better Too Early Than Too Late' (People.com)
08-05-24 (16:03)   Under the Bridge Episode 5 Reveals What Happened to Becca's Brother (Ready Steady Cut)
03-05-24 (15:27)   Justice speak out on "very embarrassing" meme of them singing Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Under The Bridge' to Anthony Kiedis  (NME.COM)
03-05-24 (14:13)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.05 - When the Heat Comes Down - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
02-05-24 (01:59)   If You're Loving 'Under the Bridge,' Watch Hulu's Other Twisted True Crime Series (Collider)
02-05-24 (01:34)   "Water Under the Bridge": Ex-NBA Champ on Kevin Durant-Draymond Green Reunion Amidst Warriors Rumors (EssentiallySports)
01-05-24 (17:07)   'Under the Bridge' Dares to Look at a Different Side of White Girlhood (IndieWire)
01-05-24 (12:03)   Under the Bridge Episode 4 Provides Important Context to Reena's Story (Ready Steady Cut)
30-04-24 (22:03)   Amazon's 'Cross' Gets Early Season 2 Renewal; Wes Chatham, Matthew Lillard & Jeanine Mason Cast (Deadline.com)
30-04-24 (21:28)   'Cross' Gets a Second Season & Adds Matthew Lillard (Collider)
30-04-24 (19:59)   What Happened to the Real Rebecca Godfrey After 'Under the Bridge'? (Collider)
30-04-24 (15:29)   Beat the Bridge: Game Show Network Sets Premiere Date for New Series Hosted by Cameron Mathison (TVSeriesfinale.com)
30-04-24 (03:29)   Netflix Working on New Live-Action Scooby-Doo Show, Matthew Lillard Immediately Starts Trending - Report (IGN.com)
27-04-24 (18:42)   Matthew Lillard Is Ready to Return to 'Scream,' Says "It's Not Up to Me" (Collider)
27-04-24 (02:10)   Luminate Streaming Ratings: 'Fallout' and 'Baby Reindeer' Stay on Top, 'Under the Bridge' Debuts Strong (Variety)
26-04-24 (18:29)   Archie Panjabi on why her show 'Under the Bridge' is 'shocking' — and the advice she got from Idris Elba (New York Post)
26-04-24 (15:42)   'Under the Bridge' Just Went There With Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone (Collider)
24-04-24 (21:41)   The True Story Behind Under the Bridge: What Happened to Reena Virk? (People.com)
24-04-24 (20:24)   Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone Share How True Crime Drama Under the Bridge 'Hits Close to Home' (Exclusive) (People.com)
24-04-24 (19:13)   Matthew Lillard's 'The Life Of Chuck' Role Broke David Dastmalchian's Heart (Collider)
24-04-24 (18:38)   The Kids on 'Under the Bridge' Are So Damn Good (IndieWire)
24-04-24 (17:32)   Let's Figure Out Who Murdered Reena Virk in Under the Bridge (Ready Steady Cut)
24-04-24 (16:17)   Under the Bridge Episode 3 Provides Multiple New Suspects (Ready Steady Cut)
24-04-24 (15:13)   'Under the Bridge' Episode 3 Recap — Listen to Lily Gladstone, Damn It! (Collider)
23-04-24 (18:13)   'Under the Bridge' Sneak Peek — Riley Keough Is Told to Back Off (Collider)
22-04-24 (17:18)   Diane Kruger, Fatih Akin Reunite for 'Amrum' (Hollywood Reporter)
22-04-24 (14:03)   Fatih Akin's 1945 Drama 'Amrum' Kicks Off Principal Photography With Jasper Billerbeck, Laura Tonke & Diane Kruger (Deadline.com)
20-04-24 (19:17)   'Under the Bridge' Filming Locations Aimed for Authenticity (Ready Steady Cut)
20-04-24 (17:41)   The True Story Behind 'Under the Bridge': What Happened to Reena Virk? (Variety)
20-04-24 (14:26)   How to help Gordon down from the bridge in No Rest for the Wicked (PC Invasion)
19-04-24 (22:28)   Critics Have Seen Lily Gladstone's Killers Of The Flower Moon Follow-Up. What They're Saying About Under The Bridge (Cinemabled)
19-04-24 (22:14)   'Under the Bridge': A List of All the Songs in the Hulu Series (TheWrap.com)
18-04-24 (23:43)   'Under the Bridge' Cast and Character Guide (TheWrap.com)
18-04-24 (18:29)   'Under the Bridge' Showrunners Turned to Reena Virk's Father for the Hulu Series | Video (TheWrap.com)
18-04-24 (15:07)   'Under the Bridge': How the True-Crime Series' Creator Pushed Past the Dead Girl Trope (IndieWire)
17-04-24 (22:17)   The Police Will Begin To Investigate In 'Under the Bridge' Episode 3 (Ready Steady Cut)
17-04-24 (21:43)   'Under the Bridge' Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Premiere? (TheWrap.com)
17-04-24 (21:32)   The Murder of Reena Virk: The Horrifying True Story Behind Hulu's 'Under the Bridge' (Ready Steady Cut)
17-04-24 (21:29)   Under the Bridge Review (IGN.com)
17-04-24 (17:07)   'Under the Bridge' Review: Lily Gladstone Carries Hulu's Tender, Overburdened Crime Drama (IndieWire)
17-04-24 (15:32)   Under the Bridge's Premiere Lays Out A Gripping, Haunting True Story (Ready Steady Cut)
17-04-24 (15:11)   'Under the Bridge' Examines a True Crime From Every Viewpoint — Except the One That Matters (RollingStone.com)
17-04-24 (14:13)   Under the Bridge - Season 1 - Open Discussion + Poll (Spoiler TV)
16-04-24 (22:43)   Under the Bridge: The True Story Behind the Murder of Reena Virk (TV Fanatic)
16-04-24 (20:37)   Under The Bridge TV Review (JoBlo.com)
16-04-24 (19:18)   Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough DM'd About Indigenous Issues for Years Before 'Under the Bridge' (Hollywood Reporter)
16-04-24 (18:14)   'Under the Bridge' Review: Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough Don't Fit in Hulu's Emotional Teen Mystery (TheWrap.com)
16-04-24 (18:13)   'Under the Bridge' Review — Lily Gladstone's True Crime Series Is Spectacular (Collider)
16-04-24 (18:10)   Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone Anchor Hulu's Heartbreaking Murder Mystery 'Under the Bridge': TV Review (Variety)
16-04-24 (18:04)   'Under the Bridge' Review: Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough Star in Hulu's Timid True-Crime Drama (Hollywood Reporter)
16-04-24 (01:59)   The True Story Behind Hulu's Crime Series 'Under the Bridge' (Collider)
15-04-24 (20:13)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.04 - Beautiful British Columbia - Press Release (Spoiler TV)
14-04-24 (20:13)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.03 - Blood Oath - Press Release (Spoiler TV)
14-04-24 (19:28)   'Under the Bridge' Cast and Character Guide — Who Stars in the Hulu Series? (Collider)
14-04-24 (06:28)   'Under the Bridge' — What We Know About Lily Gladstone's True Crime Series (Collider)
14-04-24 (03:32)   Lily Gladstone, Quinn Shephard And Samir Mehta On 'Under The Bridge' And Creating A Show About "Radical Empathy" - Contenders TV (Deadline.com)
13-04-24 (18:13)   Under the Bridge - Episode 1.02 - The John Gotti of Seven Oaks - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
13-04-24 (04:28)   How To Watch 'Under the Bridge' — Premiere Date, Episode Schedule, and More (Collider)
08-04-24 (22:24)   Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough Will Both Submit for Supporting Actress Emmy for 'Under the Bridge' Limited Series (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
08-04-24 (16:00)   Beat the Bridge, Tic Tac Dough, Flip Side: Three New Series Coming to Game Show Network This Year (TVSeriesfinale.com)
04-04-24 (04:17)   BOB: The Bridge to Bitcoin's Future, Blending Ethereum's Power with BTC's Integrity (Coinfomania)
04-04-24 (00:46)   New York African Film Festival To Feature 'Over The Bridge', 'Dilli Dark', Short Film EP'd By Spike Lee And More (Deadline.com)
02-04-24 (16:16)   Cameron Mathison & Brooke Burns to Host 'Tic Tac Dough' Revival and 'Beat the Bridge' (TV Insider)
02-04-24 (15:10)   'Tic Tac Dough' Revival, 'Beat the Bridge' Adaptation Among New Originals Set for Game Show Network (Variety)
02-04-24 (15:03)   Game Show Network Unveils New Series 'Beat The Bridge', 'Tic Tac Dough' Hosted By Cameron Mathison & Brooke Burns; 'Flip Side' Gets Premiere Month (Deadline.com)
29-03-24 (23:14)   Breitbart Business Digest: It'll Take at Least a Decade and $2 Billion to Rebuild the Bridge (Breitbart.com)
29-03-24 (21:16)   Could tugboats have helped avert the bridge collapse tragedy in Baltimore? (Washington Times)
27-03-24 (16:22)   Under the Bridge trailer: Riley Keough, Lily Gladstone star in true crime Hulu series (JoBlo.com)
26-03-24 (22:00)   How hero cops stopped Baltimore drivers seconds before ship smash: 'The bridge is down! (New York Post)
25-03-24 (20:10)   Hulu Debuts 'Under the Bridge' Trailer Starring Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough (TV News Roundup) (Variety)
25-03-24 (17:16)   'Under the Bridge' Trailer: Lily Gladstone Investigates Missing Teen in Hulu Series (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
25-03-24 (17:07)   'Under the Bridge' Trailer: Lily Gladstone Investigates a Teen Gang Murder (IndieWire)
25-03-24 (16:28)   'Under the Bridge' Trailer — Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough Uncover a Mystery (Collider)
25-03-24 (16:20)   Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough Investigate a Murder Under the Bridge — Watch Trailer, Get Release Date (TVLine)
25-03-24 (15:42)   Lily Gladstone & Riley Keough in 'Under the Bridge' Crime Series Trailer (FirstShowing.net)
18-03-24 (12:44)   Under The Bridge - Season 1 - First Look Photos (Spoiler TV)
14-03-24 (14:10)   Prime Video Grows Nordic Slate With Mystery Crime Series 'Blind Spot,' Dystopian Show 'VAKA' From 'The Bridge' Director (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
13-03-24 (20:40)   Maybe Scream 7 Should Just Be About the Horror of Trying to Make Scream 7 (Gizmodo)
12-03-24 (14:13)   New 'Under the Bridge' Trailer — Lily Gladstone Searches For a Missing Girl (Collider)
07-03-24 (20:28)   'Under the Bridge' Images — Lily Gladstone Investigates a Murder (Collider)
07-03-24 (19:49)   Deus Ex: Mankind Divided one of two Epic Games Store freebies next week (Eurogamer.net)
04-03-24 (13:15)   Enshrouded: The Bridge Construction Report Quest Guide (Game Rant)
03-03-24 (01:14)   Scream Icon Matthew Lillard Shares Thoughts On Possibly Returning To The Franchise As Stu (Cinemabled)
27-02-24 (12:10)   'Fallen' Star Sofia Helin on Swapping Clothes With Her Director, Reuniting With Scribe Camilla Ahlgren and Creating a Lighter Noir Than 'The Bridge' (Variety)
22-02-24 (17:14)   Scream's Skeet Ulrich On How He'd Like To See Matthew Lillard Return To The Franchise (Cinemabled)
13-02-24 (18:03)   Ballet Drama 'Joika' Starring Talia Ryder, Diane Kruger Acquired By Vertical (Deadline.com)
12-02-24 (01:33)   True Lies Had Just One Take To Capture The Bridge Explosion (SlashFilm)
09-02-24 (19:42)   Lily Gladstone's 'Under the Bridge' scores a release date (Mashable)
09-02-24 (18:32)   Hulu Reveals Premiere Dates For 'Under The Bridge,' 'The Contestant' & 'Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told' (Deadline.com)
06-02-24 (22:41)   'Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches' Casts Thora Birch, Ted Levine and Alyssa Jirrels; 'Interview With a Vampire' Sets Season 2 Premiere Date (Variety)
06-02-24 (22:31)   'Mayfair Witches' Season 2 Adds 'Hocus Pocus' Star Thora Birch, Ted Levine & Alyssa Jirrels (TV Insider)
31-01-24 (08:24)   Banijay Nordic's New Show 'Fallen,' Reuniting 'The Bridge' Showrunner and Star, Sells Across Europe, the U.S. and Australia (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
06-01-24 (21:04)   Matthew Lillard Wants More Out Of Afton In The Five Nights At Freddy's Sequel (SlashFilm)
04-01-24 (15:45)   The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication Brings Horror To PS5, PS4 In 2024 (PlayStation Universe)
04-01-24 (15:38)   Supernatural Horror Game The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication Heads to Consoles in 2024 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
03-01-24 (19:25)   First Look at Vincent Cassel and Diane Kruger in David Cronenberg's The Shrouds (The Film Stage)
31-12-23 (23:28)   The 'Scream' Scene That Made Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich Horror Legends (Collider)
29-12-23 (22:22)   Five Nights at Freddy's: Matthew Lillard would be excited to come back for a sequel (JoBlo.com)
29-12-23 (16:42)   Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Interview: Alicia Marie On Matthew Lillard & Character Creation (Screen Rant)
22-12-23 (19:09)   40 Most Memorable Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Movie Moments of 2023 (Gizmodo)
21-12-23 (22:15)   Scream 7: Why Matthew Lillard Doesn't Think He'll Be Returning (Game Rant)
19-12-23 (19:42)   Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Interview: Jasmine Bhullar On Matthew Lillard, Dimension 20 & Baldur's Gate 3 (Screen Rant)
17-12-23 (20:56)   Matthew Lillard Is Right About Scream 7's Stu Macher Return Theories (Screen Rant)
17-12-23 (02:25)   Jonathan Frakes Loves He "Got To Throw Patrick Stewart Off The Bridge" In Star Trek: Picard Season 3 (Screen Rant)
16-12-23 (15:28)   Matthew Lillard Knows Exactly Why Five Nights At Freddy's Was A Massive Hit, And His Reason Makes Total Sense (Cinemabled)
15-12-23 (23:51)   Matthew Lillard doesn't care about Stu Macher nearly as much as you do (JoBlo.com)
15-12-23 (17:43)   Matthew Lillard doubts 'Scream' return after Melissa Barrera's firing: 'I hope they put it to bed one way or the other' (New York Post)
15-12-23 (15:11)   FNAF's Matthew Lillard Would Be Happy Doing Blumhouse Projects For The Rest Of His Career (Screen Rant)
14-12-23 (22:45)   Scream Star Matthew Lillard Drops Surprising Hot Take About His Legacy As Stu (Cinemabled)
14-12-23 (21:56)   Stu Macher's Scream Return Gets Cautious Update From Matthew Lillard (Screen Rant)
14-12-23 (20:59)   This 'Twin Peaks' Scene Will Follow Matthew Lillard Into the Afterlife (Collider)
14-12-23 (20:29)   Matthew Lillard on Five Nights at Freddy's Sequel Possibilities and Scream Parallels (IGN.com)
14-12-23 (16:13)   'Five Nights at Freddy's' Sequel — Matthew Lillard Would Love to Return (Collider)
14-12-23 (16:10)   Astrid Lindgren's 'Ronja the Robber's Daughter' Gets Netflix Adaptation From 'The Bridge' Creator (Variety)
14-12-23 (01:14)   We Asked Matthew Lillard About Five Nights At Freddy's Sequel Plans, And His Answer Gave Me Hope (Cinemabled)
14-12-23 (00:28)   Matthew Lillard Has a Surprising Take on His 'Scream' Legacy (Collider)
13-12-23 (23:56)   Which Five Nights At Freddy's Games Are The Influence For The Movie Explained By Matthew Lillard (Screen Rant)
11-12-23 (09:55)   Malaysian Adaptation of 'The Bridge' Sold to Australian Streamer Stan - Global Bulletin (Variety)
10-12-23 (22:11)   Frequent Mike Flanagan Actor Recalls Heartwarming Matthew Lillard Meeting On New Stephen King Movie (Screen Rant)
09-12-23 (16:42)   Kate Siegel Shares Why Matthew Lillard Was Meant to Be in the "FlanaFamily" (Collider)
01-12-23 (12:10)   The Match Factory Launches Remastered Fatih Akin's 'Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul' Ahead of Red Sea Premiere (Variety)
01-12-23 (12:03)   The Match Factory Boards Sales On Fatih Akin's Remastered 'Crossing The Bridge: The Sound Of Istanbul' - Red Sea Film Festival (Deadline.com)
30-11-23 (20:33)   Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Diane Kruger, Sharon Stone Help Open Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Film Festival (Hollywood Reporter)
28-11-23 (17:48)   The bridge to the future (BetaNews)
27-11-23 (10:18)   Diane Kruger, Ranveer Singh to Get Red Sea Film Fest Honor; Joel Kinnaman, Freida Pinto, Paz Vega Join Jury (Hollywood Reporter)
27-11-23 (10:10)   Diane Kruger, Ranveer Singh, Abdullah Al-Sadhan to Be Honored at Red Sea Film Festival (Variety)
27-11-23 (10:03)   Ranveer Singh, Diane Kruger, Freida Pinto & Joel Kinnaman Set For Red Sea Film Fest As Event Announces Juries & Honorees (Deadline.com)
26-11-23 (16:18)   Five Nights At Freddy's Reignited A Dying Part Of Matthew Lillard's Career (SlashFilm)
24-11-23 (06:46)   Remnant 2: How to Talk to the Bridge Warden (You Shall Pass Achievement) (Sirus Gaming)
22-11-23 (19:32)   Matthew Lillard Signs With Verve (Deadline.com)
20-11-23 (02:36)   Matthew Lillard's FNAF Role Made His Daughter Cry - And That's Important To Him (Looper)
19-11-23 (16:11)   Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Interview: Matthew Lillard & Bill Rehor On Episodes 1 & 2 (Screen Rant)
17-11-23 (03:25)   Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Interview: Matthew Lillard On Inspiration For Series & Filming In 7 Days (Screen Rant)
14-11-23 (20:09)   Dungeons & Dragons' 24-Hour FAST Channel Is Here (Gizmodo)
11-11-23 (16:37)   Matthew Lillard can finally talk about his Five Nights at Freddy's comeback (JoBlo.com)
11-11-23 (01:47)   Matthew Lillard on "Humbling and Exciting" 'Five Nights at Freddy's' Success and Creating Authentic Experiences for Fans (Hollywood Reporter)
09-11-23 (18:25)   Matthew Lillard Learns A New Knife Trick In Heroes' Feast Clip [EXCLUSIVE] (Screen Rant)
09-11-23 (01:08)   Christopher Nolan says Warner Bros feud is "water under the bridge" (JoBlo.com)
08-11-23 (18:52)   Christopher Nolan Says Warner Bros. Feud Is 'Water Under the Bridge,' Would 'Absolutely' Work with Studio Again (IndieWire)
07-11-23 (21:28)   Matthew Lillard Is One of Horror's Best Scream Kings (Collider)
03-11-23 (02:28)   Five Nights At Freddy's Director Addresses Fans Guessing The Matthew Lillard Twist When He Was First Cast (Cinemabled)
29-10-23 (19:18)   Matthew Lillard's Five Nights At Freddy's Villain Needs A Closer Look (SlashFilm)
26-10-23 (16:10)   Jack the Ripper Series, Transplanted to America and Starring Demián Bichir, Shooting for ViX, Larrain Brothers, Movistar Plus+ (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
26-10-23 (02:55)   Mike Flanagan's 'The Life of Chuck' Adds Matthew Lillard, Harvey Guillén and More to Cast (Variety)
25-10-23 (20:28)   Matthew Lillard and More Mike Flanagan Regulars Cast in 'The Life of Chuck' (Collider)
25-10-23 (20:00)   Mike Flanagan Adds Matthew Lillard and Others to Indie Stephen King Adaptation 'The Life of Chuck' (TheWrap.com)
13-10-23 (20:25)   Five Nights At Freddy's Director Hypes Matthew Lillard's Big Return To Horror (Screen Rant)
11-10-23 (22:02)   Diane Kruger Shares Rare Video of Her and Norman Reedus' Daughter Nova (E! Online)
06-10-23 (02:23)   Ahsoka Season 2 Isn't Locked In... Yet [Corrected] (Gizmodo)
04-10-23 (17:56)   Diane Kruger Shares Details on David Cronenberg's "Most Personal Film" The Shrouds (The Film Stage)
03-10-23 (22:41)   Diane Kruger Looks Back on 'Circus' of 'Troy,' 'Incredibly Kind' Brad Pitt, Teases Cronenberg's 'The Shrouds': 'It Might Be His Most Personal Film' (Variety)
02-10-23 (16:24)   32 Years Later, Matthew Lillard's Dungeons and Dragons Obsession Is Now a Thriving Side Hustle (Inverse.com)
28-09-23 (19:49)   Diane Kruger 'Incredibly' Stressed Out by Her Role as Working Mother (AceShowbiz.com)
27-09-23 (22:56)   Matthew Lillard On Combining Quest's End Whiskey With Fantasy Storytelling (Screen Rant)
17-09-23 (21:49)   Diane Kruger Refuses to Film 'Carnal' Scenes in Her Birthday Suit for New Movie 'Visions' (AceShowbiz.com)
15-09-23 (06:11)   Maren Morris Packs Her Bags on Kiss-Off EP 'The Bridge' (RollingStone.com)
14-09-23 (10:41)   Ethan Hawke, Todd Haynes, Diane Kruger, Jessica Chastain Zurich-Bound as Festival Unveils Full Lineup (Variety)
10-09-23 (18:25)   Why Demián Bichir Isn't In The Nun 2 & What Happened To Father Burke (Screen Rant)
07-09-23 (20:42)   'The Nun 2' Almost Brought Back Demián Bichir's Father Burke as a Zombie (Collider)
30-08-23 (16:55)   The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation - Launch Trailer (GameSpot)
22-08-23 (17:04)   Matthew Lillard on Launching Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Whiskey, His Dream Table, More (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
16-08-23 (12:09)   Vitalik Buterin on X Community Notes: The Bridge to Crypto Values on Twitter? (BeInCrypto)
03-08-23 (22:49)   Diane Kruger 'Proud' to Be Recipient of Golden Eye Award at 2023 Zurich Film Festival (AceShowbiz.com)
03-08-23 (11:32)   Diane Kruger To Be Feted At Zurich; Asian Achievers Awards Sets Shortlist; ZEE5 Global Sees Viewing Jumps In U.S.; 'Ferrari' Casting Director Signing — Global Briefs (Deadline.com)
03-08-23 (08:04)   Diane Kruger to Receive Zurich Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award (Hollywood Reporter)
03-08-23 (06:10)   Diane Kruger to Be Honored With Golden Eye Award at Zurich Film Festival (Variety)
27-07-23 (02:30)   Bills receiver Stefon Diggs says any lingering concerns are water under the bridge (Washington Times)
26-07-23 (23:00)   Stefon Diggs' Bills frustrations are 'water under the bridge' (New York Post)
10-07-23 (20:10)   The Bridge Curse - Road to Salvation Gameplay Trailer (GameSpot)
03-07-23 (12:15)   Tears of the Kingdom Player Uses Recall to Repair the Bridge to Zelda's Study (Game Rant)
27-06-23 (18:28)   Five Nights At Freddy's Trailer Reveals Matthew Lillard's Character Name Isn't What Fans Thought (But Is Anybody Fooled?) (Cinemabled)
27-06-23 (14:42)   How Star Wars' Jedi Exile Became The Bridge Between KotOR & Canon (Screen Rant)
16-06-23 (19:03)   'Star Trek: Picard' Stars Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden And Jonathan Frakes On Returning To The Bridge Of The USS Enterprise: "An Emotional Experience" (Deadline.com)
06-06-23 (18:52)   Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice: Find The Report On The Bridge (DualShockers)
27-05-23 (16:11)   Scream 7 Fanmade Poster Imagines Matthew Lillard's Stu Macher Return (Screen Rant)
23-05-23 (18:11)   Matthew Lillard's Criminal Minds Character Explained (Screen Rant)
22-05-23 (01:04)   Five Nights At Freddy's Might Have Three Movies On The Way, According To Matthew Lillard (SlashFilm)
20-05-23 (14:55)   'Let the Earth Burn' by 'Animalia's' Sofia Alaoui, 'The Bridge's' Måns Mårlind's Joins Pape Boye's Inaugural Black Mic Mac Roster (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
17-05-23 (19:56)   Five Nights At Freddy's Makes Matthew Lillard's Horror Past Even Better (Screen Rant)
17-05-23 (04:00)   'Five Nights at Freddy's' Teaser Gives First Look at Matthew Lillard as Freddy Fazbear's Creator (Video) (TheWrap.com)
08-05-23 (22:04)   A Historian Says He's Solved the Mystery of the Bridge Behind Mona Lisa (Popular Mechanics)
08-05-23 (00:54)   This new Star Trek website lets you explore the bridge of every major iteration of the Enterprise (PC Gamer)
29-04-23 (02:36)   Scream: Why Matthew Lillard's Ghostface Is The Most Ruthless In The Franchise (Looper)
28-04-23 (21:23)   'The Bridge Is Yours:' You Can Now Virtually Visit Every Star Trek Enterprise Bridge (Gizmodo)
28-04-23 (14:42)   Matthew Lillard's Five Nights At Freddy's Role Subverts His Best Character (Screen Rant)
24-04-23 (10:24)   Vision New Media, Producer of Asian Version of 'The Bridge,' Appoints Min Lim as Group CEO (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
21-04-23 (21:49)   Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Welcomes First Actress From Original PLL in Season 2 — See Photos (TVLine)
30-03-23 (16:46)   David Cronenberg's 'The Shrouds', With Vincent Cassel, Diane Kruger & Guy Pearce, To Begin Filming In May (Deadline.com)
29-03-23 (16:40)   A Couple of Picard's Best Boys Are Back on the Bridge (Gizmodo)
27-03-23 (22:47)   Everything You Need To Know About the Bridge-Laying Patton Tanks Headed for Ukraine (Popular Mechanics)
23-03-23 (04:25)   4 Ways Matthew Lillard Can Save The True Lies Show (Screen Rant)
23-03-23 (04:02)   When Helen Saved Harry: Matthew Lillard on That Important 'True Lies' Scene (TV Insider)
22-03-23 (12:02)   Matthew Lillard as Quirky Wolf on 'True Lies,' Animated 'Digman!,' 'Ted's Star Search, Revisiting Waco 'Apocalypse' (TV Insider)
21-03-23 (18:02)   'True Lies': Matthew Lillard Teases How Helen Changes His Merciless Assassin in 'Really Profound Way' (TV Insider)
20-03-23 (15:03)   True Lies Sneak Peek: Matthew Lillard Shows Up as Helen's Work Husband, and Wait... Is Harry Jealous? — Watch (TVLine)
20-03-23 (11:24)   'Snabba Cash' Duo Reteams for 'Cry Wolf,' Starring Eliot Sumner, Based 'The Bridge' Creator's Debut Novel (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
20-03-23 (10:46)   'The Bridge' Creator Hans Rosenfeldt Sets Next Project (Deadline.com)
15-03-23 (20:31)   'True Lies' Cast Tease Matthew Lillard's Merciless (But Fun!) Assassin (PHOTOS) (TV Insider)
10-03-23 (18:11)   Who Matthew Lillard Is Playing In Five Nights At Freddy's (Screen Rant)
01-03-23 (10:17)   'The Bridge' Creator Hans Rosenfeldt Says He Is "Not Really Watching Crime Shows At The Moment" As He Talks Up His Big-Budget Fantasy Epic 'Ronja The Robber's Daughter' (Deadline.com)
27-02-23 (18:15)   Star Trek: Why Was Wesley Allowed On The Bridge? (Game Rant)
27-02-23 (15:59)   How to find the Dead Space report on the Bridge (PCGamesN.com)
25-02-23 (18:56)   Grogu Serves As The Bridge Between Mandalorians & Jedi (Screen Rant)
23-02-23 (13:20)   Diane Kruger Opens Up About How Hard She Tried to Have a Child With Joshua Jackson (AceShowbiz.com)
14-02-23 (08:10)   Saif Ali Khan's Black Knight Films, Endemol Shine India Set 'The Bridge' Indian Adaptation (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
12-02-23 (17:42)   How To Solve The Bridge Puzzle In Hogwarts Legacy (Screen Rant)
01-02-23 (07:41)   DR Sales Catches 'Get a Life' Youth Series from 'The Bridge' Producer Nimbus Film (Variety)
26-01-23 (22:56)   Was Matthew Lillard In Scream 4? (Screen Rant)
18-01-23 (11:17)   'Remarkable Places To Eat' Moves From BBC To Channel 4; Stephen McQuillan Sets Up Shop; 'The Bridge' Outfit Buys Into Tall And Small; Viaplay Canada; Studio Glam Talpa Deal; Rose Bruford - Global Briefs (Deadline.com)
17-01-23 (18:32)   C. Thomas Howell, Annabeth Gish & Forrie J. Smith To Lead Rodeo Crime Pic 'Ride' (Deadline.com)
16-01-23 (04:42)   Annabeth Gish Breaks Down The Tragedy Of Deirdre In Mayfair Witches (Screen Rant)
15-01-23 (00:00)   'Velma' Star Sam Richardson Got the Shaggy Seal of Approval From Matthew Lillard: 'He Didn't Have to Do That' (TheWrap.com)
03-01-23 (23:12)   Roland's first gaming product is the Bridge Cast streaming mixer (Engadget)
23-12-22 (17:18)   The Bridge On The River Kwai's Real Screenwriters Didn't Get Credit For Decades (SlashFilm)
17-12-22 (23:23)   Five Nights At Freddy's Movie To Star Matthew Lillard And Josh Hutcherson (DualShockers)
17-12-22 (16:54)   Five Nights at Freddy's Gains Josh Hutcherson and Matthew Lillard (Gizmodo)
17-12-22 (05:46)   Blumhouse's 'Five Nights At Freddy's' Sets Josh Hutcherson & Matthew Lillard (Deadline.com)
17-12-22 (00:42)   Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Casts Matthew Lillard & Josh Hutcherson (Screen Rant)
16-12-22 (23:24)   Blumhouse's 'Five Nights at Freddy's' movie casts Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson (Syfy Wire)
16-12-22 (22:51)   Zoinks! Five Nights At Freddy's Snags Scooby-Doo Vet Matthew Lillard And The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson (Looper)
16-12-22 (21:47)   The Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Is On The Move, Casts Matthew Lillard And Josh Hutcherson (SlashFilm)
12-12-22 (21:46)   Lily Gladstone Joins 'Under The Bridge' Hulu Series (Deadline.com)
08-12-22 (18:03)   Archie Panjabi Joins 'Under the Bridge'; Vritika Gupta, Javon Walton & Aiyana Goodfellow Also Cast In Hulu Series (Deadline.com)
08-12-22 (07:41)   Australian Directors Guild Awards: Women Dominate TV Categories, Thomas M Wright Wins for 'The Stranger' (Variety)
07-12-22 (19:55)   'Under the Bridge' Hulu Series With Riley Keough Casts Chloe Guidry, Izzy G, Ezra Faroque Khan (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
07-12-22 (12:55)   Beyond Rights Deals, Myco x The Bridge, Viddsee, Wildbrain Appointments - ATF Bulletin (Variety)
06-12-22 (12:03)   UK-Asia Firm The Bridge Strikes First-Look Content Deal With Web3 Streaming Platform Myco (Deadline.com)
02-12-22 (01:05)   Under The Bridge - What We Know So Far (Looper)
01-12-22 (21:58)   Under The Bridge - Riley Keough To Star (Spoiler TV)
01-12-22 (21:20)   Diane Kruger Admits She Didn't Want Kids Before Pregnant With Daughter Nova (AceShowbiz.com)
01-12-22 (21:17)   Riley Keough To Headline & EP 'Under The Bridge' Hulu Limited Series, Will Play Author Rebecca Godfrey (Deadline.com)
29-11-22 (11:24)   'The Bridge' Star Sofia Helin Signs First Look Deal with Nordic Drama Queens (Variety)
27-11-22 (04:47)   How The Bridge On The River Kwai Set A New Standard For Actors' Pay (SlashFilm)
19-11-22 (14:41)   Diane Kruger Boards Canal+ Romy Schneider Doc, Shares New Details About Marlene Dietrich Passion Project (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
17-11-22 (15:33)   The Bridge On The River Kwai Won Alec Guinness An Oscar, But It Wasn't Always His Role (SlashFilm)
10-11-22 (01:32)   Diane Kruger & Suzanne Clément Join Richard Gere In 'Longing' (Deadline.com)
08-11-22 (18:18)   Why Demián Bichir Sees The Let The Right One In Series As Shakespeare (SlashFilm)
04-11-22 (21:17)   Rebecca Godfrey Dies: True-Crime Author Whose 'Under The Bridge' Is In Development At Hulu Was 54 (Deadline.com)
28-10-22 (17:05)   Anika Noni Rose Discusses What It's Like Working With Demián Bichir On Let The Right One In - Exclusive (Looper)
24-10-22 (14:34)   Building the bridge between Web 2.0 and web3 (TechCrunch)
06-10-22 (23:03)   Norman Reedus Almost Called Off His Proposal to Diane Kruger Due to Trip Gone Wrong (AceShowbiz.com)
06-10-22 (01:45)   Norman Reedus Reveals How He Proposed to Diane Kruger With Help From Daughter Nova (E! Online)
03-10-22 (01:55)   Bridge Liquidity Paradox: It's Not Always Water Under the Bridge (BeInCrypto)
29-09-22 (22:10)   Fatih Akin's Marlene Dietrich Miniseries Starring Diane Kruger Goes into Production With UFA Fiction (Variety)
27-09-22 (20:13)   Under the Bridge - Ordered to Series by Hulu (Spoiler TV)
27-09-22 (19:32)   Hulu Orders Eight-Episode Limited Series 'Under The Bridge' (Deadline.com)
27-09-22 (19:24)   Hulu Orders Series Adaptation of Rebecca Godfrey Book 'Under the Bridge,' Samir Mehta and Liz Tigelaar to Co-Showrun (Variety)
24-09-22 (14:55)   Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger Talk 'Marlowe' as Neil Jordan's Film World Premieres in San Sebastian (Variety)
15-09-22 (14:41)   HBO Max Sets Hungarian Version of 'The Bridge' - Global Bulletin (Variety)
15-09-22 (11:32)   HBO Max Builds 'The Bridge' In Hungary; eOne Canada Hire; 'Blackport' Buyers; Ukraine Film Grant Recipients; 'Teletubbies' YouTube Series; Uncork'd Acquisitions (Exclusive) — Global Briefs (Deadline.com)
01-09-22 (14:17)   Liam Neeson And Diane Kruger Starrer 'Marlowe' At San Sebastián; ITV Studios France Hire; BBC Kids; 'Dodger' Specials; German Comedy Deal — Global Briefs (Deadline.com)
01-09-22 (12:55)   Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger to Attend World Premiere of San Sebastian Closer 'Marlowe' (Variety)
31-08-22 (17:24)   SND Boards Diane Kruger-Mathieu Kassovitz Psychological Thriller 'Visions' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
30-08-22 (19:55)   "The Bridge," The Peabody Award-Winning Series Starring Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir, to Air on Ovation TV Starting on October 15 (The Futon Critic)
30-08-22 (00:11)   Diane Kruger, Ray Nicholson & Neil LaBute Interview: Out Of The Blue (Screen Rant)
28-08-22 (00:33)   The Empty Man Ending Explained: From The Bridge Comes The Man (SlashFilm)
14-08-22 (20:51)   Tuchel, Conte start latest installment of the Battle at the Bridge (ESPN.com)
05-08-22 (01:03)   Netflix Acquires Thomas M. Wright's Joel Edgerton And Sean Harris-Starring Thriller 'The Stranger' Following Cannes Bow (Deadline.com)
22-07-22 (21:00)   Matthew Lillard Says the 'Ultra Instinct Shaggy' Meme is Canon (IGN.com)
12-07-22 (23:19)   Battle of the bridge: Startups struggle to secure runway financing (TechCrunch)
06-07-22 (23:41)   'The Southbury Child' Review: Well-Meaning Production Can't Cover a Schematic Script (Variety)
04-07-22 (19:58)   Megan Thee Stallion reacts to Adele doing viral 'Under The Bridge' dance (NME.COM)
29-06-22 (23:47)   The Bridge On The River Kwai's Bridge Went Through An Incredible Construction Process (SlashFilm)
29-06-22 (08:24)   Viaplay Orders 'End of Summer' Thriller Series with 'Young Wallander,' 'The Bridge' Helmers on Board (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
23-06-22 (18:26)   Season Two of the Max Original "The Bridge" Debuts June 30 (The Futon Critic)
11-06-22 (00:44)   The Bridge on the River Kwai 65th Anniversary Steelbook UHD Review (Home Theater Forum)
09-06-22 (17:14)   Angelina Jolie Sets Salma Hayek Pinault and Demián Bichir to Star in Next Film 'Without Blood' (TheWrap.com)
09-06-22 (17:10)   Angelina Jolie to Direct and Write 'Without Blood,' Salma Hayek Pinault and Demian Bichir to Star (Variety)
09-06-22 (17:03)   Salma Hayek Pinault & Demián Bichir Board Angelina Jolie's 'Without Blood' (Deadline.com)
08-06-22 (20:04)   Scooby-Doo Fans Can Now Stay In The Mystery Machine, Courtesy Of Matthew Lillard's AirBnb (SlashFilm)
24-05-22 (15:40)   Obi-Wan Kenobi's Ewan McGregor Shoots Down a Very Weird Rumor (Gizmodo)
20-05-22 (19:17)   Cannes Review: Joel Edgerton & Sean Harris In Thomas M Wright's 'The Stranger' (Deadline.com)
19-05-22 (20:10)   Thomas Wright Talks About the Dark Side of 'The Stranger' (Variety)
17-05-22 (10:34)   Diane Kruger Finally Lifts Veil Over Daughter's Name and the Meaning Behind It (AceShowbiz.com)
17-05-22 (07:24)   Neil LaBute's 'Out of the Blue' Closes Several Territories, Shares Seductive First-Look Image (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
12-05-22 (19:03)   'The Bridge' Creator Måns Mårlind Adapting Simon Stålenhag's 'Endymion' For Television (Deadline.com)
11-05-22 (15:02)   Diane Kruger Finally Reveals the Name of Her and Norman Reedus' 3-Year-Old Daughter (E! Online)
03-05-22 (22:00)   Chris Kreider leading the charge as the bridge to a new Rangers era (New York Post)
28-04-22 (21:17)   Anne Rice Projects At AMC Cast Annabeth Gish, Erica Gimpel, Jen Richards, Tongayi Chirisa & More (Deadline.com)
25-04-22 (09:03)   'The Bridge' Pair Camilla Ahlgren & Sofia Helin Team For Cold Case Drama 'Fallen' For C More, TV4 & ZDF; Banijay Rights To Sell (Deadline.com)
19-04-22 (17:02)   Swimming With Sharks' Kiernan Shipka and Diane Kruger on The True Reality of Working in Hollywood (E! Online)
18-04-22 (21:45)   Diane Kruger "Almost Hit" Paparazzi Taking Photos of Her 3-Year-Old Daughter (E! Online)
16-04-22 (23:46)   Actor Matthew Lillard And Director Bill Whirity Create "Decentralized Movie Studio"; First Project Is Vampire Film 'Let Them Die' (Deadline.com)
15-04-22 (20:18)   Swimming With Sharks Stars Kiernan Shipka And Diane Kruger On Their Characters' Odd Chemistry [Interview] (SlashFilm)
08-04-22 (19:02)   Watch Diane Kruger Call Out Norman Reedus for Impulse Buying a House Without Her Permission (E! Online)
06-04-22 (18:41)   How Roku's Long-Delayed 'Swimming With Sharks' Reboot Takes Aim at Monstrous Hollywood Bosses (Variety)
04-04-22 (14:32)   Paramount+ UK Drama Slate Includes Projects From 'The Bridge' Creator, Endeavor Content, Fulwell 73, Night Train Media (Deadline.com)
25-03-22 (17:14)   'UnWrapped:' Kiernan Shipka and Diane Kruger Navigate Mental Health and Hollywood's Shady Side in Roku's 'Swimming with Sharks' (TheWrap.com)
25-03-22 (01:06)   Lego Bricktales is a new diorama-based puzzler from the Bridge Constructor team (Eurogamer.net)
23-03-22 (21:18)   The Bridge On The River Kwai Ending Explained: When Duty Becomes Hubris (SlashFilm)
15-03-22 (22:16)   Diane Kruger Says She "Felt Like Meat" During "Uncomfortable" Troy Screen Test (E! Online)
15-03-22 (21:45)   Nolte: Diane Kruger Diminishes Real #MeToo Victims Crybabying over Nothing (Breitbart.com)
14-03-22 (19:55)   Diane Kruger Recalls 'Uncomfortable' Screen Test for 2004 Film 'Troy': 'I Felt Like Meat' (Variety)
14-03-22 (15:41)   Kiernan Shipka Goes After Diane Kruger in Hollywood Battle Royale in First Trailer for 'Swimming With Sharks' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
01-03-22 (20:33)   Why Alec Guinness Almost Refused To Star In The Bridge On The River Kwai (SlashFilm)
25-02-22 (09:17)   Vikings: Valhalla season 1, episode 4 recap - "The Bridge" (Ready Steady Cut)
04-02-22 (16:32)   First Look At Talia Ryder & Diane Kruger In 'Joika'; Screen Engine/ASI Plots Global Media Growth; Studiocanal EFM First-Looks - Global Briefs (Deadline.com)
04-02-22 (14:10)   First Look at Diane Kruger, Talia Ryder in Joy Womack Biopic 'Joika' (Variety)

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